Browser extension that improved user experience by adding many features to a match betting site where you could bet on professional matches with virtual CS:GO game items on a site called CSGOLounge.

The features included extended match information (line-up, previous match-ups, ranking) for which there was a whole separate project dedicated for scraping that information, trade and match filtering (so you can filter unnecessary entries with your own set of criteria), providing market values for the items (for which I borrowed my STEAMEXPERT project APIs to power my own extension), notifications when something happens on the site (new comments or a new match added), completely changing site’s design by creating theme support, various currency and timezone support and much more.

It was a must-have. Word of mouth, active development on the project (which spanned one year!), my own interest in item betting and never-ending lack of understanding from the site owners about how front-end experience should be done led this project to big growth. At it’s peak there was over 500 thousand users using my browser extension, because of it at one point the extension was causing disturbance to the site’s performance. I also made the site owners upset multiple times, because my extension was doing everything that users wanted the site itself to do.

By adding affiliate links to websites that were relevant to the user (e.g. premium match analysis and item marketplaces where you can buy items with real money), I was able to profit from this project, which is something not every extension is able to do and it was never my intention from the start. It was just a regular hobby project.

Linkchrome.google.comYearMay 2014 - presentSource codegithub.comProgrammingJavaScriptTools usedjQuery