Song Statistics –

Statistics site about my favorite music group, or as I like to call it – music by the numbers. Used to potentially dispute arguments as to what song is the best or what song needs to be played more frequently. On-going site I am working on right now.

Key features include:
1. Voting for song vs song match-ups. Votes are then used to calculate statistics and display them on site (ELO ranking, win rate percentage). Each vote is stored and tied to a user in database. All vote match-ups are distributed evenly.
2. View your own personal statistics and voting history
3. Big table that includes all the data
4. Individual song pages
5. Chart history (Spotify TOP10, LastFM 7 day listeners)
6. Set-list browsing and searching
7. Creating multiple voting ballots with options to select voting match-up sorting type, expiry date, songs
8. Basic admin panel views: voting statistics, users overview, song management, user logins, fast voters (cheaters)

..and more to come!

Year2018Source codegithub.comProgrammingPHP, JavaScriptTools usedLaravel (+ Nova and Forge), Bootstrap, VueJS